Your place to shine

A school receives a mysterious script about a girl who died long ago. The director disappears. A new director arrives just in time and knows all about the story of the play. In fact, she seems to know it too well. And how did she get the dead girl’s ring?

Are the students of Herbert Hoover High too wrapped up in miscues, awful accents, and stolen boyfriends to notice? Revenge is coming. Who will pay the price when the real world and the play collide?

Each actor must play two vastly different roles in this spine-tingling comedy thriller. This easy to stage and intense theatrical experience will keep your audience on their edge of their seats. And the twist ending will make them question everything they've witnessed...

New to Northern Starz this year, we are working with young adults (ages 18-29).  We have auditioned 4 young adult directors that will each direct a portion of Ashland Falls; Working together to culminate this wonderful production. 

Auditions: June 25

Show dates: August 11th - August 13th
Rehearsals: TBD

Audition information for 2016-2017

THere's a Monster in My closet (GRADES k-5)

Fantasy and reality collide in this eclectic and fun musical romp!  Emily’s having a sleepover with her best friend Stephanie when they discover there’s a monster in her closet!  To investigate further (despite the incessant teasing of her big brother and his friends), Emily and Stephanie recruit their friends — sarcastic and skeptical Kelly, vain Mary, studious Brain, tomboy Tara and avid reader Megan — to help capture the monster.  What they don’t know is that Murray, the closet monster, doesn’t mean any harm.  He only wants to play Emily’s new video game.  He’s more scared of kids than they are of him!  Murray is on probation since his boss, the Dream King, heard about his goofing off on the job. After all, every monster knows that when a child is born, a monster is assigned to watch over her — not play with her things!  What happens when Emily has all her friends over for a slumber party to try to capture Murray?  They end up catching the Dream King and his harried secretary, Toady, instead!  With other wonderfully entertaining characters like Sandy the Sandman and his dream weavers, find out how friendship, ingenuity and a sprinkling of magic lead to a delightful solution to Emily’s monster problem.

Auditions​ April 19th (6-8pm)

Rehearsals: April 24th - June 14th, 2017

Performances: June 15th - June 18th, 2017

Auditions and Callbacks are held at our New Studio, 5300 Alpine Drive!

Every Student will receive a role in the production but we can't guarantee it will be speaking role. 

​*No Refunds of Fee After Auditions

Auditions for There's A Monster in My Closet
Auditions for 2017 Student Directed Play Festival

Auditions at Northern Starz

Kids K-12 and No Experience Necessary


This is Northern Starz 2nd annual student directed play festival.  Join us for this unique 6 week course of theatre fun with your peers!!! Direct, Act, Tech Crew- it’s all here for you! As student directors (10-12 grade) you will begin working with professional mentors & Actors (6-12 grade) will audition in early June to be cast in a student's show.

For more information take a look at an article written about the 2016 Student Directed Play Festival.  

Auditions​ (Grade 6-12 Only): June 1st (5-9pm) or June 2nd (5-9pm)

Rehearsals: June 6th - July 20th, 2017

Performances: July 21st - July 22nd, 2017